The impact of video on your online business strategy

Video! The buzzword you keep hearing, but what is it really all about?  Ten years ago, video was predicted to become a game changer in the online world! But it wasn’t until much later that video truly became important for businesses. In the past five years video has experienced a drastic growth and has become a key pillar in online marketing strategies.

The uprising of video is a fact. Alongside that growing market for video, we also see a rise in mobile use. If both are correlated, this could mean that a lot of people watch videos on the go. Did you spot the opportunity?

Did you know that 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile device? And that the number of smartphone users is still increasing as we speak? So your audience still keeps growing every single day. Also e-commerce platforms who add a product video to their web shop know an 83% increase in sales. So video definitely makes a difference!

Nowadays, the second largest search engine next to Google is YouTube, the video platform. Do we need to say more!?

You haven’t started on your video strategy yet? No problem, the increasing popularity of video has reduced production costs significantly. It’s not as costly to create a video as you might think. Outsourcing the production of your company videos is another budget friendly option. The friendliest even. Find out all benefits of outsourcing and calculate your benefit here.

Visualize your business

Do you have a complicated message or concept to tell your public? Creating an animated video is a good way to translate a complex process or concept into a simple and easy to digest video. It will be easier for your target audience to grasp the essence of your business and they will engage more and faster with your content.

Use video as a powerful marketing tool to add that extra punch to your marketing efforts.

Impact video on your online business

Emotion with a capital E

It’s also important to capture the right emotion. Tell your story in a way people can relate, it will humanize your business.

Video has become a vital part of our daily lives. We consume videos every moment of every day. Platforms such as YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook have feeds filled with videos we consume without thinking.

The right emotion will touch the right people. It will be decisive and make or break your video content.

Engaging content

Studies show that people will much easier engage with a small inspiring video than having to browse an informational piece of text. Every hour of the day consumers are stimulated by images, videos, animations and GIFs. Only the best fragments will get your audience’s attention and win them over.

Today, it’s not enough to just get that attention; we want people to engage with our video content. Simple and straightforward videos will have a better chance at surviving the continuous struggle to get noticed on social platforms and will get those well-deserved likes and shares.

Search Engine Optimization

This part is all about ranking in Google. Embedding videos on your website will allow your website to rank higher in the search results of Google and other search engines.

Google and even Facebook are currently giving priority ranking to pages and websites with relevant videos embedded. This evolution means that implementing video for your business will influence every aspect of your online business strategy such as social media, website optimization and online branding.

Are you ready to start with video? We can bring your ideas and designs to life. Find out more.

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