What we do

What we do:

Work for marketing departments. Deliver. Love integrated solutions. Stand by your side. Solve technical issues. Work fast. Edit videos. Wear hoodies. Bring animations and your dreams to life. Deliver what we promise. Watch ‘Mr Robot’. Assist technical departments. Water the plants. Help in graphic production. Make good arrangements. Create 3D and VR-environments. Put sugar in our coffee. Love the craziest tools. Program in PHP. Create new worlds. Get our sleep at night. Work in a structured and transparant way. Put Nikes on our feet. And a smile on your face.

What we don’t do:

Replace your creative agency. Get enough sleep. Wear speedos at the pool. Like marketing psychology. Repeat ourselves. Make pancakes. Change your logo. Mislead. Run with scissors. Define your strategy. Pet bears. Drink and drive. Work for credits and awards. Play hockey. Go home on time. Tread lightly. Promise what we can’t do. Ghost you. Eat shellfish. Take on projects we don’t have the time for. Drink responsibly. Like you messing with our noodles. Dress up the truth. Mind if you showcase our work as your own.


SKKILLS. In webcoding. In 3D-motion. In virtual reality. In augmented reality. In helpdesk.

Why should you outsource your technical projects? It has more benefits than you might think. Read our blog and find out what benefits outsourcing projects can have for you and let’s get started.

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